Met Troplini was a prominent Albanian ophthalmologist and a pioneer in refractive surgery who built a thriving practice that helped restore sight to many thousands of patients. His caring fashion delivered with the highest level of professionalism earned his patients’ trust and loyalty. This philosophy of combining innovative science with a sense of compassion for our patients’ welfare has been continued by the eye doctors at Klinka Troplini: Panagiotis Zafirakis, Charalambos Rallatos, and Garasomos Rallatos, MD. For more than two decades, these physicians have performed over 40,000 laser vision correction procedures. In addition, they have helped their patients by providing expert care in everything ranging from routine eye examinations to contact lenses and microsurgical cataract and glaucoma procedures. They are experts in caring for vision and for their patients, believing that we live better and safer lives when we see better.


We are different. Our specialist consultant ophthalmic surgeons deliver the whole experience from the initial consultation, on to Laser Eye treatment and through to discharge.

• We take the time to understand each patient’s concerns and needs. We offer only the very best treatments which are most appropriate for your eyes and lifestyle.

Unrivalled, personalized treatment. LaserVision was established by consultant eye surgeons who are trained to the highest standards in corneal and refractive surgery. We aim to deliver unrivaled personalized treatment without compromise.


Panagiotis Zafirakis
Phthalmologist Surgeon

Panayiotis Zafeirakis is an ophthalmologist surgeon, specialized in micro cataract surgery, corneal transplants, refractive surgery, and glaucoma procedures. He attended the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as of 1985 and graduated with top marks and commendation in 1991. He was trained in the department of ophthalmological immunology and intra-ocular inflammations at Harvard University, Boston, USA. He specialized in ophthalmology at the University Ophthalmology Clinic of Athens. He trained in cataract and cornea surgery and laser correction of myopia – hypermetropia – astigmatism at Harvard University, Boston, USA. After his training, he carried out thousands of procedures and acquired big experience in keratoplasty, refractive surgery, and limbal stem cell transplantation techniques, amniotic membrane use, conjunctiva flaps, implantation of special intraocular lenses and diaphragms and restoration techniques of the anterior segment, as well as Ahmed valves. He has a rich scientific writing work, with publications in international prestigious ophthalmological journals and books, and teaching work as an invited speaker of the Hellenic Ophthalmological Society, as well as many foreign Ophthalmological Societies, both in Europe and in the USA. He is the head of the Cornea and Ophthalmic Inflammations Department at Athens Eye Hospital.

Charalambos Rallatos
Phthalmologist Surgeon

He attended the Medical School of the University of Athens, after achieving excellent marks at the Panhellenic Entrance Exams. He graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens with top marks, being among the top students. He specialized in Ophthalmology at the University Ophthalmology Clinic of the Athens General State Hospital. After achieving excellent marks in the USMLE exams, he gained surgical experience at well known ophthalmological University departments of America. He specialized in the field of Ocular Immunology and intra-ocular inflammation at Harvard University, where he did a fellowship with Prof. Stephen Foster. Additionally he trained at the University of New Orleans For many years, next to the clinical researcher Gholam A. Payman, where he performed hundreds of complex surgical procedures of the retina. The results of his clinical and research work in Louisiana is his own patent for minimally invasive retinal detachment procedures. He was a pioneer in the treatment of central serous chorioretinopathy (CSR) with photodynamic treatment, publishing the first report (Patent Publication). He is the author of many publications in well known international ophthalmological journals mentioned below. He is the Director of the Vitreo– Retinal department at the Athens Eye Hospital.

Gerasimos Rallatos, MD
Phthalmologist Surgeon

He entered the Medical School of the University of Athens after achieving top marks at the pan-Hellenic exams. Upon graduation he received the Award of Excellence from the Rector of the University of Athens. He specialized in Ophthalmology at the University Eye Clinic of the General Hospital of Athens. After the completion of his specialization, he achieved excellent grades in the USMLE exams, and sub-specialized in the field of Pediatric Ophthalmology and the field of Adult and Pediatric Strabismus at Wills Eye Hospital (Philadelphia, USA, ranked as one of the top three hospitals in USA), holding the position of a Clinical Fellow. Following his return to Greece he has performed thousands of cataract and refractive surgery operations. His medical interest also includes management of complicated glaucoma and vitreoretinal cases. He is the head of the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Department at the Athens Eye Hospital. He is the author of the following peer reviewed publications in international journals.

Specializing on the best eye treatment and surgery in Albania, backed up with the latex technology.

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